Independent banking

for smart teens

Get your personal card, make UPI payments, save money and learn the principles of wealth

Swipe and Tap

Swipe your personal card to pay every time you go out

Get the OTP on your phone directly when paying anywhere online

Send money to your friends at the tap of a button

Save and buy the things you've always wanted

A partitioned 'savings stash' that guards your money from impulse spending

Setup saving goals and we help you stay on track

Grow your wealth by saving on auto-pilot

Autosave a portion of the money you get. Every time.

Round-up your spends and save the change

Cool rewards for being good at the 'game of money'

Cashbacks, curated gifts and much more

Learn how the rich handle money through thought-provoking videos and content

Exciting offers in place for early adopters

To ensure a premium banking experience we have limited access to our platform currently

Join the waitlist. And we will connect as more slots open up.

Akudo, which means "Peaceful Wealth", is born with the mission to empower India's teenagers with financial knowledge and independence


Founded by IIT Roorkee and BITS Pilani alumni in 2020 with love, for trust