9 casual outfit ideas for men to wear on their first date

so here you are with hearts in your eyes, stars around your head, inhaling the love-filled air, looking for an outfit to impress that person you are head over heels for, right? Not very sure about what men wear on a first date? well, you have come to the right place.

it’s not just the girls who worry about what to wear for any occasion, the guys are equally fussy when it comes to dressing up. but this one occasion where they lose all their rational fashion sense is a date. worry no more, we are to help you with some great tips on dinner date outfits for men.

9 tips on what to wear on the first date for men

1. the classic collared shirt and jeans

the classic collared shirt and jeans - what to wear on first date for men

this head-turning outfit never fails to swoon people around you. a classic shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a pair of jeans gives out a casual yet elegant look. it makes you look as though you have put in efforts for your date but did not go overboard with it. this outfit is appropriate for the day as well as the evening date. the versatility of it makes it a winner in the men’s outfit for a date category.

the outfit can be paired with sneakers, formal shoes or casual loafers. you can keep it tucked in or out based on your comfort. comfortable fashion is the key when choosing a dating dress for men. some of our favourite dinner date shirt and jeans combo is –

  • white shirt and blue jeans

  • navy blue shirt and black jeans

  • plaid shirt with jeans

  • grey shirt and jeans

of course, you can go for other colours you like, but these are some of the classic options.

2. layer up to fire up

layer up to fire up - what to wear on first date for men

add fun and suave factor with jackets to your men’s outfit for a dating wardrobe. it is that extra layer that makes people skip a beat. if it is a cool climate, layer up with a denim or leather jacket. and if it’s warm, put on those linen or cotton jackets and flow with confidence. let us not forget the evergreen casual blazers that go with everything. even holding a jacket in your hand makes you a head-turner.

you can team up a jacket with a casual shirt or t-shirt. you are young and smart, experiment with dating dress for men by matching it with your personality. make your outfit worthy to be remembered with some options below:

  • denim jacket, white t-shirt and black pants

  • leather jacket with a t-shirt and blue jeans

  • plaid shirt over a white or black t-shirt

  • long overcoat with a turtle neck and chinos

3. say hello to polo t-shirts

say hello to polo t-shirts - what to wear on first date for men

this dating dress for men can never go wrong. a smart polo t-shirt paired with a pair of denim pants or chinos makes you look cool and inviting. this men’s outfit for a date makes it perfect for a date during the day. it’s not too dressy and not too casual to wear on a first date. let us look at some great polo t-shirt and trousers combo:

  • navy blue polo with khaki pants

  • black polo with blue or white pants

  • maroon polo with black

  • white polo with khaki or black pants

4. henley it!

 henley it! - what to wear on first date for men

a very understated but sophisticated option is the Henley t-shirt. it gives you a relaxed look but makes you a heartbreaker. you can sport this Henley look both for a day and evening date. opt for colours appropriate as per the time of the date. shades of blue, pastel and pale colours are perfect for the day. black, maroon and wine-coloured t-shirts are apt for an evening date.

team up the Henley t-shirts with a jacket for your first date in winter and shades for a day date. suggested Henley outfit ideas for you are:

  • black henley with khaki chinos and white sneakers

  • navy blue henley with khaki trousers

  • striped henley with joggers

5. plaid with it

plaid with it - what to wear on first date for men

we don’t think plaid shirts need to be justified here when it comes to men’s outfit for a date. plaid shirts are like a chameleon, they can blend in any occasion and with anything. it’s an appropriate option 24x7 and 365 days. if you can’t think of anything else to wear on a first date, pick up a plaid shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers. there you are, ready to date a parade. here are your plaid outfit options:

  • red plaid with black jeans

  • plaid shirt over a white t-shirt

  • plaid shirt and denim or leather jacket

6. try print shirts

try print shirts - what to wear on first date for men

now here is the fun part. if you are a person who can’t do the basics, this is for you. make prints your best friend for the day and go crazy like you would on a Saturday night. add a little bit of quirk to your men’s outfit for a date with subtle prints. you can go all out if you’re comfortable and depict your personality via prints. but pick your prints by considering the place of date, you don’t want to look bizarre in a candle-lit restaurant. go for:

  • striped shirt with jeans

  • floral prints for day dates

  • plaid with everything

7. t-shirts save the day

t-shirts save the day - what to wear on first date for men

when nothing goes right, go t-shirts. keep it casual and simple with a t-shirt and flattering bottoms. you can accessorize the t-shirt with neck jewellery or simply put on a jacket to add glamour. with this men’s outfit for a date, you will be in your comfort zone and nail the first date with flying colours.

however, you can also fly with colours on your t-shirt. a t-shirt can never be boring if you have colours. keep it casual and classy with your favourite t-shirt. our picks would be:

  • stripes t-shirt with jeans and sneakers

  • classic white t-shirt and ripped jeans

  • basically, a t-shirt with anything and everything

8. denim for the win

denim for the win - what to wear on first date for men

denim shirts give you a rugged look with a hint of style. you can wear a denim shirt on its own or over a white t-shirt as a jacket. however, we would recommend you to wear it simply over a pair of pants. take some risks and own the edge of being experimental with dating dress for men. wear the denim shirt for a day date and compliment it with a pair of shades. there you are, a runaway date model. pair your denim shirts with:

  • denim shirt with black jeans

  • denim shirt over a white t-shirt and joggers

  • denim shirt with white pants

9. most of all – wear your confidence

wear your confidence - what to wear on first date for men

you can wear anything you want to. follow all the first date tips in the world, but these tips won’t work out if you don’t ace it with your confidence. your partner might forget what you were wearing, but they will never forget how you oozed confidence that had them smitten from the first second.

the key is to be confident, not over-confident and cocky. that is a complete turn off. just be yourself and we know you will nail it.

but to help you further, we have listed down the top 5 do’s and don’ts on what guys can wear on a date.


  1. dress according to the weather

  2. ensure your footwear is clean

  3. be comfortable in your outfit

  4. experiment with subtle accessories

  5. dress to impress, but with confidence


  1. wear bling and dress inappropriately

  2. be too casual about your attire like sweatpants

  3. wear uncomfortable footwear

  4. end up wearing flip flops

  5. overdress. consider the location of the date

we have given you the best tips on what you can wear on a first date, but there are certain things you need to figure out yourself. understand the person you’re going out with. know the place you are going to and when. you can’t wear a leather jacket to a beach date or a t-shirt when the other person is wearing a sophisticated dinner outfit. you don’t want to turn them off with an off-putting outfit choice. align all these things and go for the appropriate first date outfit.

well, now that we are done, over to you champ. be the dapper that you are.

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