12 offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad for adventure lovers

Looking for offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad? you’ve come to the right place. as much as we enjoy the hustle-bustle and the liveliness of the city, sometimes we just wanna get lost in the serenity of mother nature, right? or well, sometimes just to give some juicy content to your readers. whether you are a travel influencer or an avid adventure lover, we’re sure these places would surprise you at it’s best.

Hyderabad has a lot to offer to it’s visitors, whether we talk about it’s mouth drooling biriyani or we talk about the historical places that we can sneak into, there’s always something more to explore. so fellas, if you are done with visiting the places everyone is visiting, pack your bags cause we’re about to take you someplace special.

best offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad

1. Warangal: The magical ancient land

Warangal is so much more than you read about it. Remember the time travel that you have always been wanting to do? well, Warangal will surely take you in that phase. The city is very laid back and is filled with ancient landmarks and historical importance. On an ideal peaceful day, you can just sit by many many streams and lakes the city has and enjoy a clear sky. You can also hit the ancient Warangal fort or the serene Bhadrakali temple. Brace your hearts cause this enchanting city has the power to make you fall in love with itself, which is why it tops the list of offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad. 99i

distance from Hydrabad city - 145 km

time to reach - 3 hours

how to reach - you can catch a train/bus from Hyderabad or take a road trip if you have private transport.

2. Belum caves: the hidden underground gem

all the adventure lovers would be having so fast adrenaline rush right about now, right? This 3 km long tunnel in an underground cave would leave you wondering what’s gonna come next. as soon as you enter the Belum caves, you’d see a lot of stalactite formations giving you a kinda spooky feeling but when you start walking a bit further, you can also see a freshwater stream flowing. You can sit there for a while and relax. the way in the tunnel is kinda narrow which makes it even more fun to explore the cave. don’t know about you but it is surely one of our favourite offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad.

distance from Hyderabad - 364 km

time to reach Belum caves - approximately 5.5 hours

how to reach - the fastest way to reach is to take a taxi, you can also take a bus or a train.

3. Horsley Hills: wrapped in the dense greenery

In the mood for some trekking? don’t worry, we have just the right place for you. Surrounded by the lush green forest is Horsley hills that will promise you the best sunrise and sunset view from the top. there is an open land at the top of the hill where the trekkers can stop for a while and breath a little. Make sure to carry your camera along cause you would simply witness the best scenes on your journey. Horsley is rather underexplored and is, therefore, one of the secret places to visit in Hyderabad.

distance from Hydrabad - 527 km

time to reach Horsley hills - approximately 8 hours

how to reach - you can go to the bus station and catch a bus if you wanna travel cheap. If you have private transport, just enjoy the roads.

4. Mahbubnagar: the treasure box with banyan trees

Imagine witnessing 700 years old banyan trees covering 3 acres of land, magical, isn’t it? but prepare yourself cause that’s exactly what you’re gonna witness while visiting Mahbubnagar. You can also explore the rustic temples of Umamaheshwaram, Srirangapur, Jataprolu and Alampur. Walking a bit more into the forest would lead you to the scenic sight of Mallella Thirtham waterfalls. looking for a relaxed trip? well, you have got your next trip all sorted out. There’s so much to do here that this place is known to be one of the most amazing offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad.

distance from Hyderabad - 134 km

time to reach - approximately 2 hours

how to reach Mahbubnagar - take the NH44 road if you’re driving. You can also catch public transport if you wanna travel on a budget.

5. Kolleru lake bird sanctuary: do some bird watching

spread evenly over 260 sq km area is the lake where you can sit peacefully and watch different rare birds flying in. you can also carry your camera to capture the moments in pictures. You might be able to see birds like Red Crested Pochards, teals, Glossy Ibises and Painted Storks. Presenting the raw beauty of nature, this place surely makes one of the offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad. don’t wait up, the sight here will lure you and offer the best the city has.

distance from Hydrabad - 344 km

time to reach - 6 hours

how to reach here - Catch a bus from Hyderabad to Vijaywada and take a taxi to Kolleru lake bird sanctuary. If you are travelling via your private transport, you can directly reach here from Hyderabad.

6. Hampi: the town of history

There is n number of offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad but none of them can compete with the surreal town of Hampi. Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, the city proudly boasts the Vijaynagara ruins. Everything about the place is fascinating, the landmarks, food, serene atmosphere and the beautiful blue skies. Although this might be one popular place, it also manages to make in the list of offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad.

distance from Hyderabad - 373 km

time to reach here - approximately 7 hours

how to reach Hampi - you can take a bus or a train that’ll drop you to the town directly

7. Pattadakal: the alluring world heritage site

architecture fanatics can unite here cause we’re next, we have an excellent place on our list. Pattadakal is known for its Chalukya monuments and serene temples, all of which shows fine craftsmanship. But this place is more than just a piece of fine art, you would also be able to find some peace while sitting on the rocky areas, just soaking in the view this place has to offer. if you’re visiting Hyderabad, there is no way you can miss out on this beautiful place.

distance from Hyderabad- 398 km

time to reach Pattadakal - approximately 7 hours

how to reach Pattadakal - you can easily get public transportations from Hyderabad. You would be able to stop in between and enjoy some scenic sights if you are travelling via your own vehicle.

8. Papi hills: the best sunrise/sunset spot

tired of visiting the historical places in the city? Time to hit the adventure lover kinda place, no? You can trek all the way up to Papi hills and enjoy the spectacular views of clear skies. The scene becomes so much better if you are hiking during the time of sunrise or sunset, the sight is quite surreal and you can literally see the sun rising or setting, changing it’s colours.

You would also get some valleys and waterfalls on the way of your hiking but don’t stop here. Once you’ve reached the riverside, you can take a boat and reach the bamboo huts where you can sleep peacefully. This is one of the most exciting offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad and you’d agree with this once you visit the place.

distance from Hyderabad - 400 km

time to reach - more or less 6 hours

how to reach Papi hills - you can catch a bus or train from Hyderabad to Khammam district and then catch a taxi for Papi Hills

9. Badami: explore beautiful Buddhist caves

Badami is a rock-cut cave temple that attracts a lot of adventure lovers as well as believers from all around the world. This place is more than just beauty, it is a sneak peek of the Buddhist culture. You get to learn about their history while you are strolling through the caves. Later, you can also visit the Badami fort and relax for a little bit. The area is separated from all the materialism and the hustle-bustle of the town, so you can have guaranteed tranquillity while visiting Badami. This rare place is not much known by the visitors but makes an exceptional place in your list once you’ve visited here.

distance from Hyderabad - 418 km

time to reach Badami - 8 hours

how to reach here - the best and the most budget-friendly way to reach here is direct via a bus from Hyderabad. If you have a car, you can reach hassle here hassle freely.

10. Bidar: witness the architectural magic

we have a treat for the architectural lovers yet again. Bidar is situated in the vicinity of the city of Hyderabad. the amazing craftsmanship is a result of the rule of Chalukyas and Muhammad Bin Tuglaq, the utter love for fine buildings made this place be as amazing as it is right now. Once you’re in the city, you can explore places like Bidar fort, Bahamani tombs, mahals mosques and much more. Known to be one of the best offbeat places near Hyderabad, Bidar will also give you an amazing sneak peek of the flora and fauna. The entire trip would just wrap you in its beauty.

distance from Hyderabad- 145.6 km

time to reach Bidar- 2 hours 45 km

how to reach- catch a train from Hyderabad to the city of Bidar. since bidar is close to Hyderabad, you can also visit via your private transport

11. Gulbarga: a tribute to the islamic architecture

known to be Nizam’s dynasty in ancient times, this place is also referred to as Kalburgi by the locals. As soon as you enter the city, you would be able to smell the islamic delicacies in the form of tandoors and biryani. You can stroll through the street to explore the shrines and domes which is regarded to be fine piece of architecture. Don’t forget to explore the Gulbarga’s fort which will give you a sneak peek of the royalty the bygone dynasty was found of.

Gulbarga is one of those places you just can’t get enough of. no fancy stuff, this place will just give you a dive into the ancient culture. it is so underrated that it makes it one of the most offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad.

distance from Hyderabad - 230 km

time to reach - approximately 4 hours

how to reach - you can either catch a bus or a train directly from Hyderabad to Gulbarga

12. Dandeli: a paradise for adventure fanatics

And here we are, ending the trip on just the right note. if you love adventure the most, make sure to visit Dandeli for sure. Rocky trails and western ghats will get you so excited that you won’t be able to resist the rafting with your pals. The city of Dandeli rests at a height of 1551 above sea levels and is surrounded by lush green forests and beautiful temples.

distance from Hyderabad- 614 km

time to reach - 12 hours

how to reach Dandeli - you can take public transport from Hyderabad to Dandeli

So friends, now that you have your list here, are you ready to pack your bags and leave for the offbeat places to visit near Hyderabad? if you are an avid travel lover, you would just fall in love with these places.

Hyderabad is a city of wonders and we want you to experience it all. If you are a fan of trekking, you can check out the trekking spots right <here> And oh, don’t forget to use your akudo card while you are travelling. You worry about the travelling bit, we’ll take care of the cashback and rewards bit.

Get, set, travel!

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