Akudo  - Banking for teens made easy

there's value to learning about money early on

every generation wasn't lucky enough to understand the money game when they were teens. 


here's an opportunity for you to teach your kids young. so when they enter the real world, they're ready.

akudo is a neobanking app that provides your kids with financial freedom under your supervision. a worry-free way to oversee your child's spending habits.

with our features and your guidance, they'll learn to:

savings app for teenager
improving spending habits of teenagers
teens manage money wisely with Akudo

save securely

spend wisely

manage freely

a lot comes when your teen is in the akudo squad

automated savings

automated savings

Prepaid debit card for teens

a personalised VISA prepaid card

finannacial learning with Akudo for teenagers

bite-sized content 
to learn about money

rewards for payments

rewards for learning 

with a personalised VISA prepaid card, your child understands how budgeting & spending work.

the goal is to not let them be afraid of money, but learn its values with the help of latest tech. so, download akudo now


join the new way of parenting


Recently, I have started incentivizing my son using akudo for chores and to my surprise, he really enjoys it

Kapil Kapoor | Parent