The real-world way for your child to be good with money

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Learning by Doing

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How did your kids learn to ride a bicycle?

We'll bet it wasn't by watching a YouTube video or by hearing you talk about it.

It's likely you got them their own cycle and found a safe space for them to practice in.


You jogged alongside - holding on to them - until they built up enough momentum, for you to let go.

Some things you learn only by practicing, in a safe space. Like money.


Learning-first neobank for teenagers

Personal debit card and UPI payments

Hassle-free onboarding in <60 seconds

Feature loaded app to build healthy spending and saving habits

Akudo offers you peace of mind

Lets your child save for the things they want

Autosave a portion of the money you deposit in your child's account

Round-up all expenses to the nearest flat 10 INR and save the change

Money concepts explained in an intuitive way

Bite-sized video lessons for the TikTok generation

Practical tips and wealthy habits curated from top authors in personal finance

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Rewards the right mindset, not just spending

'Right reward at the right time' to reinforce positive financial behavior

Cashbacks, curated surprise gifts and much more

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Give independence without losing control


Setup tasks to give allowance

Promote earning money by tying your child's allowance to family tasks and goals

Always have their back

Instantly transfer money to your child from anywhere, anytime

Don't miss a thing

Get notified on every transaction or create custom alerts in your parent app

Relax, you have master control

Lock/unlock card, set spending limits and block spend categories you are not comfortable with

Still feeling hesitant?

Money deposited with our partner bank as per RBI guidelines

State-of-the-art encryption makes all transactions 100% secure

No hidden fees or charges

On closing the account, get your money back in 72 hours. No questions asked.


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