Akudo - Founders

a spark is all we needed 

it all began when Lavika, a 20-year-old, was trying to understand investments and realised she was never taught anything about finance or investing money.

pondering over this unsettling thought made her adamant about bringing a change so other teens don't feel lost when they grow up.

then came in, Sajal, and they both started brainstorming on this. Sajal, a credit card user since the age of 15, had read books like 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' was now inspired to make this idea a reality.

after conceptualising the idea, came the important part - technology. to enable this, Jagveer joined hands and together they all started akudo in August 2020.

born from a scary thought of not knowing anything to a super-simplified vision of a learning-focused banking experience for teenagers, we've come a long way.


about the team

Akudo - Founder - Lavika Aggarwal

Lavika Aggarwal


Loves to build. IIT Roorkee. 6 years experience in fintech

Akudo - Founder - Sajal Khanna

Sajal Khanna


Problem Solver and Innovator. BITS Pilani. 4 years Fintech experience

Akudo - Founder - Jagveer Gandhi

Jagveer Gandhi


Passionate about building at scale. IIT Roorkee. 6 years in startups.

our ethos



the responsibility of gifting a powerful tool in the hands of a young mind is a heavy one. we're ready to take that on us.



no scams, no shams & no lies.
our honest is our asset.

akudo - trustworthy payment for teens


the trust to develop features that are beneficial to the next generation


culture benders

ensuring that we continue to explore
and create new ideas and innovate
our offering


our investors 

Incubate Fund India

we're famous 

while we rock, the press talks. we’re creating a new buzz



Fin-ed-tech startup Akudo raises Pre-Seed round from Y Combinator, Incubate Fund India